Monday, July 6, 2015

Styling for Summer Concerts

When you think of summer, you think of concerts! All kinds of concerts, country, pop and rap you name it! Well I thought I would give you some ideas of outfits to wear to each concert! I think each type of music has a different style to it. In my option, you can't wear the same thing to each concert. Without further ado here are the three outfits I styled of each type of concert you might be going to this summer! I know I'm going to my share of concerts this year!

The first one I did is for a country concert! Rascal Flatt, Lady A, Luke Bryan or even Tim Mcgraw.
If you have cowgirl boots and some flash tattoos this outfit would be prefect! I don't have cowgirl boots but I did have flash tattoos around my arm and on my hand for when I went to the Rascal concert with this outfit! They were so fun to put them on; I got them at Claire's for super cheap! And Rascal was whole lot of fun!

For my second one I went for a more fancy outfit because usually pop concerts are in an arena with seats. Not on the lawn like country concerts are! Also, for pop concerts I go off of what the performer/artist wears. In this case, I'm going to a Taylor Swift concert and she has been really into high waisted shorts and crop tops. So, I came up with this outfit that I am very excited to wear to her concert! But, I think this outfit would work great for an Ariana Grande or Selena Gomez concert too! 

Necklace- Similar
Shorts and Sandals from my previous post

My final outfit for a rap/ hip hop concert I decided to tie a button down around my waist! This was a big trend in the 90's everyone was doing it and now it is coming back. Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West, and even Rihanna are rocking this trend. It definitely adds to the whole outfit and completes it! I love this outfit; it's comfortable and cute! Plus, if it gets cold later in the night you can just wear that button down that is around your waist! In this outfit I am going to see J. Cole at an outdoors theatre on the lawn, which I'm pumped for!

My sister likes to take pictures of me when I'm talking to her lol!

I had a lot of fun coming up with these outfits and it helped me figure out what I'm going to wear for each of the concerts I'm going too in the near future! I hope it helped you as well for those summer concerts you are going to! 


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