Sunday, July 26, 2015

Accessorizing Your Room: Wooden Letter

Hello everyone, I noticed I haven't done a DIY in a while and I'm doing a lot for my new dorm room. So, I thought I would make a series out of it and call it accessorizing your room!  Today, I will be showing you how to make a cute wooden letter to hang up in your room! I already have one that's why you don't see a K but I'm making these letters for my roommates!

The materials you will need: 
A Wooden Letter
Fake Flowers
String or Twine
Hot Glue Gun

Paint each letter your choose of color. Wait 20-30 seconds in between each coat and do 2-3 coats. Wait about 30 minutes after your last coat before doing anything else. 

Once the letter is dry, have a variety of fake flowers to choose from and this is where you can get very creative.  Work with different colors and different placements on the letter to get it how you want it!

Lay out the flowers how you want it before you glue them down cause you might want to change it half way through. So, make sure you love it before you do any gluing. 

After you glue down the flowers than you can glue down the string or twine to the back of the letter and make a bow at the top!

And you are all done! You have a super cute letter to hang in your room!

So easy and so adorable! If you do create a letter, tweet me a picture @fashionx16

Once I move into my new dorm room I will blog pictures of what all of my decor looks like together!

Hope you enjoyed!


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