Friday, July 29, 2016

Accessorizing Your Room: State Decor

Bringing back the little series I did last summer, Accessorizing your Room for another DIY for your wall or drawer. State decor to represent where you are from!

Supplies you will need:
A print out of your state and where your town is located
Watercolor Paint, Paper, and Brush
Cup of Water
Mod Podge 
Sponge Brush


Step 1:
Start painting the whole page with analogous colors: The colors located close together on a color wheel. This way the colors can easily blend together. The more water you add, the more the colors will look faded. The painting will look a little different once it starts to dry so, you can always add more layers until you love it. Here is the process of my watercolor painting!

Step 2:
Cut out the outline of your state but keep the inside part. Also, cut out the heart where your town is located.

Step 3:
Trace the outline of your state with a pencil on your dry watercolor painting and cut it out. Notice that I painted with the paper horizontally but ended up liking the colors vertically. So, don't be afraid to try all different angles with your outline to see what you like best. 

Step 4:
Then, trace the heart on the pink part of the paper and cut it out. Place the inside part of the state on top of the cut out watercolor, so you can get the right placement of where your town is located.

Step 5:
Mod Podge the heart down first and let it dry. Then, Mod Podge the whole state down onto the canvas. And you are done!!

Hope this DIY will help change up your wall.
If you have lived in multiple different states you could make them all and line them up across your wall! I think that could be so cute to have each state be a different color.

I would love to see your pictures if you do make your state decor! Tweet me @fashionx16

Happy Crafting,

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Day Three in Baltimore

July 4, 2016: Was a relaxing day because almost the whole day it rained so we got stuck going under the boat for shelter! We had a good time though we made mini pizzas on the grill and played cards for hours on end.

Lucky, the rain stopped just in time for the fireworks so we were able to get outside and watch them!

If you noticed this whole weekend I wore stripes and I didn't even plan it! I just love buying striped clothing hahah!
Cardigan- Similar
Shirt- Similar
Shorts- Simliar

The next day, we woke up, packed up the car and drove all day. 
Over all, despite the rainy weather my Fourth of July weekend was so fun!
I am so grateful I have such great family for inviting us to spend time with them on their boat!

Thanks for Reading, 

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Day Two in Baltimore

July 3, 2016: Today, we walked over to Fell's Point to shop around and get some lunch. We found a place right on the water that was called Barcocina. The grilled lemon fish tacos were delicious but our waitress was very unfriendly and it took a long time to get our food! 

Dress- Similar

We walked around a little more after lunch then we found a gelato shop called Pitango.
I have to say I prefer gelato more than ice cream now!
Loved this place but, just a warning it was a little pricey.
My sister's on the left was hazelnut and vanilla chocolate chip flavor
Mine on the right was cafe expresso and vanilla chocolate chip flavor

When we got back we went for another boat ride on my uncle's boat and just grilled for dinner. We started playing head's up (the app) later on in the night and by the end of it we all were just screaming clues at each other! It was hilarious!!

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Monday, July 4, 2016

Day One in Balitmore

July 2, 2016: We drove about six hours to get to the city of Baltimore, Maryland to see some 
family for Fourth of July weekend. Once we got there we had bought tickets to get a tour of the
Oriole's Ballpark. It was very interesting to hear about the history of how it was built and we
even got to go on the field and sit in the dugout! But, we couldn't touch or step on the grass
 they kept it in very good condition.

View from the sky box

After the tour, we meet up with family to go out to dinner at Amicci's in Little Italy. 
The Pane' Rotundo for an appetizer was very good. So creamy!

For dessert, we went across the street to Vaccaro's Italian Pastry Shop to get some coffee and
cannolis. The cannnoli was one of the best ones I have had but, the shop is so small that we
had to wait a long time to get them!

This is a picture my sister took of me waiting outside of the shop.

Then here is a shot of me finally happy with my cannoli!!

We ended the night with a boat ride over looking the Inner Harbor.
The sunset was beautiful!

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Day two will be up tomorrow!
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Sunday, July 3, 2016

Cheap Finds: Sunglasses

Hey guys!  Hope everyone is having a great Fourth of July weekend, I just wanted to share these $15 sunglasses I found on LuLu' that look just like the $50 Quay Australia ones. I was so happy when I found this look alike on LuLu's.  I was really considering spending the money on the Quay ones. I am so glad I waited, the LuLu's sunglasses were such a great deal!

The sunglasses from LuLu'

The sunglasses from Quay Australia

They practically look exactly the same, just half the price!
Plus, if you sign up for LuLu's emails you can get 10% your first purchase.

Here are some pictures from my birthday of me wearing the LuLu's sunglasses. 
I absolutely love them!

Happy Shopping,