Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Clinton Outlets

Over the Fourth of July holiday weekend, my sister, mom and I went on a little shopping trip at the Clinton Outlets. Going into to this I said to myself, "I'm not going to buy anything" in my head I was just going to hang out with my mom and sister. Needless to say I ended up buying more than expected! I should have guessed, obviously I would buy stuff! I'm me haha I shop till I drop and I never drop! Lucky for me we went to the outlets, my favorite place because there are always awesome sales!

The first store we went to was Polo Ralph Lauren. Here I got two plain striped v-neck shirts. Why I got two striped shirts I don't know! I loved them both and they were 50% off and when I got to there register they gave me another 25% off! So each shirt costed me ten bucks! Score!

Next we went too J. Crew my favorite outlet store because I can never afford there clothes full price!
I got these great distressed white boyfriend jeans original at $88 found on clearance for $49.97 than was another 50% off. Brought them for $24.98!!!

Finally, we stopped into Ann Taylor where I found this super cute black jumper on clearance for $24.99 original price $49.99. Also, shorts were on sale for $24.99 original price $54.99!

This looks super with heels, I promise!!

Yes, I have a shopping addiction but I'm okay with it!

Hope you enjoyed!

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