Monday, November 14, 2016

Outfit of the Day

Hey, everyone hope all is well. These past couple months has been super crazy with my classes, interviews, and work. Last weekend my sister came and visited me, we did a lot of shopping! I wanted to give you an outfit of the day with the dress I brought with her.

I got the dress from a store on Thayer St in Providence called Berk's Store. The company, Timing, is a wholesaler so I'm not sure where else they sell to. Here is a similar one. 
I got my cardigan from American Eagle but I did find a similar one on LuLu'
Sunglasses are from Francesca's,
And my booties are from T.J. Maxx's but I found a similar pair from Kohls!

Hope you a have a great day!

Sunday, November 6, 2016

DressLily Haul

I got to work with Dress Lily for this blog post today! I was able to pick out three items from their website to style three different ways. 

DressLily is a leading international online fashion clothing and accessory store. They focus on the very latest fashion trends at an affordable price. DressLily features thousands of new products everyday, giving you the maximum amount of choices.You can find almost anything on their website from women's clothing to handbags to women's shoes at a reasonable price. 

The shipping was very fast and everything that I picked out looked exactly like the pictures on the website. 

My first outfit, I picked out this black leather backpack from DressLily. I paired it with a gray sweater, ripped jeans and converse. This outfit is great for a day in the city, its comfortable and hands free. 

For my second outfit, I picked these ankle boots and styled it with an pink flowy long sleeve shirt (similar), high-waisted jeans and a gold knotted necklace. This outfit would be cute for a weekend dinner with your friends. 

The last outfit, I picked out is this J.Crew look alike quitted vest.  I accessorized with a black sweater, tassel necklace (similar), high-waisted jeans and black booties. I wore this outfit to work and I got so many complements on the vest. Everyone thought it was from J.Crew but I was only $15 on DressLily. Just for reference I got a size medium. 

Hope you Enjoyed!

Can't believe how low DressLily's prices are, definitely check out their website. 

Send me pictures if you end up buying anything from DressLily. 
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Thursday, September 22, 2016

School Outfits Of The Week

Hi y'all, I'm back! I have been super busy with classes starting back up and settling into college life again. Omg! I can't believe it's my third year, time has gone by so fast. I documented the outfits I wore for the first week of school. Check them out!

I love the juxtaposition of the ripped jeans with the feminine florals on top.

Similar Shirt / Jeans / Sandals

We had our first club meeting, so we wore our IFS T-shirts to promote.
IFS stands for International Fashion Society

Flannel / Jeans / Converse / Lip Color

This is what I wore to the meeting!
One of those easy outfits you don't have to think about. You just throw it on and go!

Jumper / Heels

Rainy day = Bun Day

This utility vest is so cute! I love it paired with this striped long sleeve. Can't go wrong with stripes, they will never go out of style!

I have been seeing these suede button- down skirts everyone! I had to get one for myself and these lace- up sandals are to die for!

Jean Jacket / Crop TopSkirt / NecklaceSandals / Bag / Bandana 

I hope I gave you some inspiration.
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Have a great day,


Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Tiger Mama In Boston

Tiger Mama is Southeast Asian inspired and it is served family style. The food comes out when it's ready so you will either get one dish at a time or if the dishes are ready at the same time they will come out at once. We were a party of five and ordered nine different dishes including dessert as a group to share. We were full for the rest of the night so we should of just ordered seven dishes instead.

Our first dish was...

Lobster Fresh Rolls - charred lobster, bright veggies, spicy silky peanut dipping sauce.
I didn't enjoy these, it tasted like an earthy spring roll and the wrap part was very chewy.

After that we got three dishes at the same time. 

Top left: Bone Marrow with coconut sticky rice, onions and greens. This had great flavor with the sweet coconut rice.  Loved this dish!
Top right: Fresh tomato salad with a poached egg and greens. The tomato salad was fresh and light, good for an in between dish. 
Bottom: Issan–Style Sausage - lemongrass, kaffir & garlic sausage, banana ketchup.
I didn't have the sausage but my family said it was very spicy. 

Next we got...
SP Mini Chicken - marinated & char-grilled hen, spicy ginger-tamarind sauce.
This chicken was a little disappointing for me it was very hard to eat with the bone and was a little spicy.

Our sixth dish was Crab Fried Rice - jumbo lump crab, egg, scallion.
This was one of my favorite dishes! When they say jumbo lump crab that is what you got, huge pieces of crab. Even the bowl had a painted crab on the inside. 

After that we got Short Rib Rending - rich coconut malaysian style curry, crispy peanuts, toasted coconut.
This was the best short rib I have ever had! It melted in my mouth, I didn't even need to chew it! You don't expect it to be sweet but it comes from the coconut curry, delicious! 

Last dish before dessert was Pig Rice - bacon, house tasso, issan sausage, pork sung.
The best way to describe this is that its looks like cotton candy. The pig is so thin and airy its taste like you are eating cotton candy but it is pig! And it sits on top of a bowl of rice.  

To end the amazing dinner we had, they brought out sweet bread with caramelized sugar and mangos.
My family got to it before I could take a picture but this bread was sooo good!! 
It almost tasted like a sweet pretzel because it was harder on the edges and soft in the middle with a little salt. The mangos were a good balance to the bread.

If you are ever in Boston near Fenway check out Tiger Mama you won't be disappointed!!

Hope I made you hungry because I am now!

Have a great day,

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Warby Parker X Kill Screen

Warby Parker and Kill Screen have paired up to launch a video game online and a pair of limited-edition eyeglasses!

Warby Parker’s first-ever—and totally free—video game can be played here. With the help of Highline Games, Warby Parker and Kill Screen designed a physics-based matching game. The object of the game is to match and clear groups of like-colored balls in a bowl. It is a pretty easy game and it is entertaining. I didn't want to stop, it is a great game to play if you are bored at work or in class! 

The limited-edition glasses, Burke in Glacier Grey, are crafted from premium cellulose acetate and equipped with lenses that have anti-scratch and anti-reflective coatings—which conveniently reduce the glare from screens.

These glasses are great for the person that likes to be different! You aren't going to see a lot of people wearing clear glasses, so these will be awesome because you will stand out!

I wear my glasses when I need a break from my contacts. These new clear Warby Parker glasses would be a fun change from my dark ones. People don't realize that glasses are very stylish. I will pick a different outfit out solely if I'm wearing my glasses because it will change the whole vibe.

The Burke glasses in Glacier Grey will go with every outfit because they are a matted clear! You almost can't tell that you are even wearing glasses. I love these because they are a classic square frame which is the best-selling frame on the Warby Parker website.

I have come up with a day to night look you could wear with the Burke glasses!

With this work outfit I went with a fun, playful look. I paired a windowpane skirt with a chambray shirt. Then, I accessorized with the Burke glasses, a statement necklace and fuchsia pink pumps! I would wear the shirt tucked into the skirt and buttoned all the way up with the necklace under the collar. 

I went a little more edgy for this look and paired the same chambray shirt with black ripped jeans. Then, I accessorized with the Burke glasses, a choker and these amazing ankle booties. I would just tuck in the front part of the shirt, unbutton the first couple buttons and cuff the jeans for this look.  I think this outfit would be so cute for a girls night out or date night! 

Warby Parker was started to create an alternative because the eyewear industry used to be dominated by a single company that was able to keep prices artificially high. Warby Parker designs glasses in-house and engages with customers directly. They are able to provide higher-quality and better-looking prescription eyewear at a fraction of the going price.

Warby Parker also offers a at home try-on figure. All you do is pick 5 frames and they will mail them to you for free. Try them out for 5 days and see which ones you like. Buy the ones you like online, sent back the 5 frames and Warby Parker will send you a fresh pair of your favorite glasses. 

Go check out the Burke glasses in Glacier Grey and have fun playing their new video game, Worbs!

If you do try the glasses, I want to see pictures!
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Friday, August 19, 2016

Running on a Budget

I know everyone has had the thought, "If I buy cute workout clothes, then I will go to the gym more." But, the problem is you can't walk into Lululemon or Nike without dropping $100 dollars. If you are like me you don't have that kind of money to spent on clothes that you are just going to sweat in. So, my solution is to shop at TJMaxx or Marshalls.

My top and leggings are both from TJMaxx and the total was $28 dollars!

Hopefully, I helped you save a few bucks!

I love shopping at TJMaxx, you never know what you will find.
There are always unique things!

Have a great day,

Monday, August 1, 2016

OOTD: Bright & Bold

Almost everybody knows how to wear a pencil skirt to work with a blouse, cardigan and heels. But, I'm here to show you how to dress down your pencil skirt for a day with your girlfriends! This outfit would be cute for brunch or shopping. 

I pair this red pencil skirt with a causal chambray button-down and I cuffed the sleeves. 
Then, I accessorized with a monogram necklace, mix/match bracelets and some white converse

Because the skirt is a bright color you are going to want to keep the rest of the outfit neutral.
 You always want one focal point in every outfit.
I love this chambray shirt it is one of my favorite pieces because it is so versatile!
Even with this outfit, you can also dress it up by just buttoning up the shirt, adding a statement necklace and changing to heels or a ballet flat.

Hope this made you look at your closet differently!

Would love to give you guys more tips if you have trouble creating outfits.
Let me know in the comments!

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Have a great day,

Friday, July 29, 2016

Accessorizing Your Room: State Decor

Bringing back the little series I did last summer, Accessorizing your Room for another DIY for your wall or drawer. State decor to represent where you are from!

Supplies you will need:
A print out of your state and where your town is located
Watercolor Paint, Paper, and Brush
Cup of Water
Mod Podge 
Sponge Brush


Step 1:
Start painting the whole page with analogous colors: The colors located close together on a color wheel. This way the colors can easily blend together. The more water you add, the more the colors will look faded. The painting will look a little different once it starts to dry so, you can always add more layers until you love it. Here is the process of my watercolor painting!

Step 2:
Cut out the outline of your state but keep the inside part. Also, cut out the heart where your town is located.

Step 3:
Trace the outline of your state with a pencil on your dry watercolor painting and cut it out. Notice that I painted with the paper horizontally but ended up liking the colors vertically. So, don't be afraid to try all different angles with your outline to see what you like best. 

Step 4:
Then, trace the heart on the pink part of the paper and cut it out. Place the inside part of the state on top of the cut out watercolor, so you can get the right placement of where your town is located.

Step 5:
Mod Podge the heart down first and let it dry. Then, Mod Podge the whole state down onto the canvas. And you are done!!

Hope this DIY will help change up your wall.
If you have lived in multiple different states you could make them all and line them up across your wall! I think that could be so cute to have each state be a different color.

I would love to see your pictures if you do make your state decor! Tweet me @fashionx16

Happy Crafting,