Thursday, August 29, 2013

From Work to Workout

American Eagle Outfitters came out with this new fitness line called AEO Performance. Its a line of clothes that can be worn for working out, but still looking cute. This one shirt I got from the line is this really cute white peplum shirt. I thought it would would look cute just as a shirt to wear with a regular outfit but also look good while out for a run or practice. So what I did was come up two outfits, that I wore for work (I work at American Eagle, I am not getting paid to do this I just want people to know about our new line) then one for practice and I wore these two outfits on the same day.

The outfit for work......

Shirt, Pants and Shoes are all from American Eagle
Cardigan- JC Penny

And the outfit for practice.....

Leggings and Shirt from American Eagle
Shoes are just my cheer sneakers

Hoped you enjoyed
-Kara <3