Monday, March 28, 2016

OOTD: Easter Day

Hello everyone, today I will be showing you the outfit I wore yesterday for Easter. I also got my siblings to be in the post so you will be seeing their outfits as well! 

For my outfit, I paired this high-neck tank top dress with a light pink blazer to bring out the pink that's in the dress. Kept it simple with some nude heels and three-layer necklace

For my brother's outfit, he paired a grey sweater over a button-down gingham blue and white shirt with some khaki pants. Accessorized with a Fossil watch and Polo boat shoes.

For my sister's outfit, she paired a floral maxi dress with a jean jacket and brown sandals.

Hope your Easter was filled with family, laughs and great food!

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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Tips For Planing An Event

At my college, I'm in this fashion club called, International Fashion Society. Every year, we hosted a fashion show and all the proceeds go to charity. This year, our show was March 11, 2016 and I was the Fashion Show Coordinator, which means I planned the whole show! Planning an event is very stressed and time consuming! Here are some tips I learned that helped me through the process that could help you for your next event!

1. Stay Organized: Keep a binder for all the receipts, contacts and papers that you consume. Also, have a folder on your flash drive for all the documents you make.

2. Make a Timeline: Before you start anything, plan out what you have to get done right away and things you can wait to do later. 

3. Keep in Contact: Keep in touch with everyone you hire for your event. If the time or day for the event changes, you will need to contact them and see if they are able to still come. Also, they might cancel on you so; you will need time to find a replacement. 

4. Make Lists: Lists really helped me! I had a list for everything; I had one for what we had and what we needed. I had one for everything that needed to be done the day of the show, one for everyone's job, etc. 

5. Don't Bark Orders: If you yell or be mean to people they will not want to help you. For my event, a lot of people were volunteers so, I was very grateful they were there and wanted to help with the event. A "please and thank you" goes a long way!

6. You Can't Do Everything: You almost always have a team to help you. Give everyone a job because you can't do it all. If you do, you will pull your hair out and lose your mind! Trust me, if you divide up the work it will get done faster and make your life less stressful. 

Our fashion show last Friday went great and I'm so proud of it! Our theme for the show was whimsical, bohemian and dreamy. Our charities were the Ethan Henry Lecours Foundation and a trust fund set up for the daughter of a Johnson & Wales Marketing Professor, Susan Cox, who in 2012 passed away from her second battle with breast cancer.

Here are some pictures from the event!

Our Runway 

VIP Front Row Seating

Our Vendors

Raffle Table

Ombre Butterfly Wall

Some of Our Models
In one of the collections we showed!

An Overview of the Venue

My Outfit! ps that backdrop took me days to make!

My Fabulous Team <3 
We will have more pictures of our designer's collections on our Facebook page very soon!
Look out for them!

Hope you got some tips and ideas!
Good luck on your next event!


Monday, March 7, 2016

All in the Details

Hey guys, I was featured in Alison Rugg's blog, CollegeFashionista.
If you want a full description and all the links to what I'm wearing go over and check out her page!

Hope you Enjoy!