Thursday, July 30, 2015

Accessorizing Your Room: Gold Lights

Hello, today on accessorizing your room we are spray painting Christmas lights to add some light and  pizzazz to your room!

Materials You Will Need:
Christmas Lights 
Gold Spray Paint

First, take out all the light bulbs and stuff newspaper in each one. Cover the plug to the outlet with tape so the spray paint doesn't get on it. 

Go outside, put newspaper down and spray away!

Make sure you get flip the lights over so you get all the sides gold. 

Now I didn't wear gloves but I advise you to so this doesn't happened to you! Hahah!

Let the paint dry and put the light bulbs back in!

Hang up in your room and you are all done!

I would love to see your pictures if you do spray paint your lights! Tweet me @fashionx16

Once I move into my new dorm room I will blog pictures of what all of my decor looks like together!

Hope you Enjoyed!


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