Monday, July 27, 2015

Accessorizing Your Room: Upgrade Your Frames

Today, on accessorizing your room is an easy fix to brighten up your room and change things up! 
Upgrading the black frames already in your room to white!

Material you will need: 
White Paint
Paint Brush 

These are the black frames I had in my old dorm room 

Take the frames out of the glass 

Paint them white! Wait 15-20 minutes in-between each coat and do 3 coats. Wait about 30-45 minutes after the last coat. 

Once it is completely dry, put the glass back in. 

And your done! White frames!!

Of course you can do any color you want to match your room! 

Once I move into my new dorm room I will blog pictures of what all of my decor looks like together!


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