Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Tiger Mama In Boston

Tiger Mama is Southeast Asian inspired and it is served family style. The food comes out when it's ready so you will either get one dish at a time or if the dishes are ready at the same time they will come out at once. We were a party of five and ordered nine different dishes including dessert as a group to share. We were full for the rest of the night so we should of just ordered seven dishes instead.

Our first dish was...

Lobster Fresh Rolls - charred lobster, bright veggies, spicy silky peanut dipping sauce.
I didn't enjoy these, it tasted like an earthy spring roll and the wrap part was very chewy.

After that we got three dishes at the same time. 

Top left: Bone Marrow with coconut sticky rice, onions and greens. This had great flavor with the sweet coconut rice.  Loved this dish!
Top right: Fresh tomato salad with a poached egg and greens. The tomato salad was fresh and light, good for an in between dish. 
Bottom: Issan–Style Sausage - lemongrass, kaffir & garlic sausage, banana ketchup.
I didn't have the sausage but my family said it was very spicy. 

Next we got...
SP Mini Chicken - marinated & char-grilled hen, spicy ginger-tamarind sauce.
This chicken was a little disappointing for me it was very hard to eat with the bone and was a little spicy.

Our sixth dish was Crab Fried Rice - jumbo lump crab, egg, scallion.
This was one of my favorite dishes! When they say jumbo lump crab that is what you got, huge pieces of crab. Even the bowl had a painted crab on the inside. 

After that we got Short Rib Rending - rich coconut malaysian style curry, crispy peanuts, toasted coconut.
This was the best short rib I have ever had! It melted in my mouth, I didn't even need to chew it! You don't expect it to be sweet but it comes from the coconut curry, delicious! 

Last dish before dessert was Pig Rice - bacon, house tasso, issan sausage, pork sung.
The best way to describe this is that its looks like cotton candy. The pig is so thin and airy its taste like you are eating cotton candy but it is pig! And it sits on top of a bowl of rice.  

To end the amazing dinner we had, they brought out sweet bread with caramelized sugar and mangos.
My family got to it before I could take a picture but this bread was sooo good!! 
It almost tasted like a sweet pretzel because it was harder on the edges and soft in the middle with a little salt. The mangos were a good balance to the bread.

If you are ever in Boston near Fenway check out Tiger Mama you won't be disappointed!!

Hope I made you hungry because I am now!

Have a great day,

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