Sunday, August 26, 2012

DIY: Turn a plain T-shit into a cute tank top :)

I turned a boring, plain, white T-shirt I got at walmart into a cute, colorful, tank top!
First you want to mark where you want to cut. Use a rule and a pencil and make each side the same.
Than you want to start cutting the neck line off

Cut straight across the back of the neck line

Now start cutting one sleeve at a time though both sides

Then take that sleeve you just cut off and flip it over to the other side so you have even sides and cut the other sleeve off

Now you have a tank top!
Now we are going to make a little pocket, so take one of the sleeves you have, cut it so its one long strip than mark a pocket like so:

And cut it out:

Than iron over all the sides so its a clean edge

Than try on your tank top and see where you want the pocket to go, mark it, and super glue it on (I would sew it on but I don't have a sewing machine *sad face* )

Alright half way there haha! Let the glue dry than try on your shirt again and see how you like it. I thought the sleeves were too open so I pinned where I wanted it, took it off and hand sewed it up and down. Than I just cut off the bottom seam off. And it looks like this:

So you can see I'm outside now. Yes! We are dying the tank :)
So what you will need is whatever kind of dye and whatever color you like. I have rit dye in petal pink, teal and purple. Then you want to follow the instructions on the box.

Now that you have all the supplies you are going to mix in each dye color into each bin of hot water.
Once you did that, you are going to dye the first half of the shirt in the blue dye. I dip right to the where the pocket ended.

Then your going leave it there until your desired color. Squeeze it out, leave the next part white then dip the rest in pink dye.

Squeeze it out and dip the end part in the purple dye.

Squeeze that part out and let it dry over night. Rise it with the hose, let it dye again, and your done! 

As you can see each part is not even and not staright but its all a learning progess. Next time I think I'm going to put elastics on each part I want a different color. Plus if you saw the super glue doesn't dye so it stayed white so I would sew that pocket on.

Now you won't make my mistakes cause you saw what I did.

Hope you enjoyed and try it out for yourself :)
-Kara <3

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