Monday, November 2, 2015

Halloweekend 2015

This year, I went out every night of Halloween weekend. Needless to say that Sunday was sleeping all day, I was so tired. My costumes were very easy and only consist of three keys items or less. 

I was Daisy Buchanan from The Great Gatsby

All you need is a sparkly/ Gatsby inspired dress, pearls and a head piece. 

I was Batman 

This costume was the easiest out of all three because I just wore my batman shirt, a black skirt and I happened to have a batman bow from cheerleading. But, you can get a batman mask and/or wear leather pants. 

I was an Ice Queen 

This was my favorite costume, I had fun with the makeup. I pretty much put white all over my face. Wore a white shirt with safe pined snowflakes on my boobs, a blue/sliver tutu and an ice looking crown. I also made my ice wand out of tin foil and taped snowflakes at the top. 

Enjoyed you had a great Halloween!
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