Friday, June 17, 2016

Little Vaca In Jersey

This past Monday my roommate, Nikki and I went down to visit our other roommate, Erin in New Jersey for a mini vacation. We went for two nights and drove back in the afternoon on Wednesday. 

On Monday, Erin showed us around her town she grew up in. Where she went to school and all her favorite spots. Her mother made us an awesome home cooked meal and we just caught up with what is going on in our summer lives. For me, all I do is work, work, work (haha)! Later that night Nikki and I got to meet Erin's high school girlfriends and we all hung out together. 

On Tuesday, we took a trip to Bradley Beach for a relaxing beach day. It was the perfect day it wasn't too hot and there was a nice wind blowing! One of those days where you can't tell if you are burning or not. Don't worry none of us got burnt, we were careful. The girl that was near us wasn't, by the time we left her whole body was as red as a lobster!

Before we went back to the house we grabbed some dinner at a local Mexican/ Hawaiian restaurant called FINS. It was so good, highly recommend trying it if you are around the area. I got the crab tacos with chips and salsa. Also, I ordered the Lulu's Crazy Kick Out smoothie! 

On Wednesday, we slept in a little bit, packed up the car and before we got back on the road we stopped for breakfast at Bagels 4 U. Another great place in New Jersey, I got the cinnamon burst bagel with a vanilla chi tea latte. 

Over all, I had an amazing trip so glad I got to see my roommates from college! I miss them so much, you don't realize it until you are back home doing our own thing and don't see them 24/7. 

Hope I gave you some new food places to try if you plan on traveling to New Jersey or you live close!

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