Tuesday, August 18, 2015

My Beach Essentials

Hey guys, this summer I have been going to the beach a lot lately and I think I have conquer the major essentials to bring in your beach bag!!

Here are the ten things I think you will need!
1. A beach towel to lay on
2. A hat to cover your scalp from burning
3. Body spray to keep you smelling fresh
4. Gum to get that salt water out of your mouth
5. Lip balm to keep your lips soft and to protect them from the sun
6. Water to keep you hydrated 
7. A snack (Not in picture cause I was eating it while taking this picture oops!)
8. Sunglasses to keep those pretty eyes safe
9. SUNSCREEN! Please don't forget your sunscreen unless you want to look like a lobster. 
10. Lastly, your favorite flip flops! Most of the time the sand is really hot!

Tanning away in my favorite white bathing suit 

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Hope you can fit in a few more beach trips before school starts!


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