Saturday, November 2, 2013

DIY: Mike Wazowski Halloween Costume

I was Mike Wazowski from Monsters University for Halloween. I love that movie and I thought it would be a cute costume. All together this costume costed about $24 and I was very easy to make.

The materials you are going to need are:
A green shirt 
Green tights
Green tulle
White, Blue, and Black felt 
A blue hat
And a glue gun

First draw a big circle on the white felt 

Cut it out

Than draw a little smaller circle on the blue felt

Make an even smaller circle on the black felt

Make a very small circle on the white felt 

Draw the shape of his ears on the white felt and cut it out

Draw out his mouth on the black felt

Then cut it out

Make the size thing on the white felt

Then make teeth bumps on the white mouth 

Cut it out and glue everything on the shirt

For the hat I made a stencil for the MU

Then just cut it out on the blue, white and black felt

Glue it together

Then glue it or tape it onto the hat if you want to use the hat again without the MU on it 

For the tutu you want to measure the elastic around your waist 

Then just sew the two ends together

Lay out the tutu and cut out strips

Then cut the strip in half 

Then take those two strips and fold in half

What I did was put the elastic on and knotted each strip on it was easier
So put the strip under the elastic

The put the tulle through the loop

And it should look like this 

Just keep doing that until you cover all over the elastic
And it should looks like this when your done

Put on your tights, put white shorts under the tutu because it is see through, throw on the shirt you made and the hat and your Mike Wazowski!

Hope you had a great Halloween!
And have an idea for next year!

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