Sunday, October 28, 2012

DIY: Minnie Mouse Halloween Costume!

Halloween is coming up very fast and I wanted to show you guys what I was being. I think it came out really good.

What you will need to be Minnie Mouse is:

1) A red and white polka dot dress
This one is from Forever 21

2) Ears with a bow
I just brought these at a Halloween store
and then I hot glued a bow on it.

To make the bow I cut one red ribbon nine and half inches long than the other one two inches long.

Then glue both sides of the long ribbon to the middle of it

Just glue the short piece around the middle to make a bow

And glue it to your ears!

3) Next you will need black tights for her black legs

 4) Finally you need yellow shoes with red bows, which I made myself

So I found these flats at Marshell's for $11 and than I just pulled off the bows

First tape the whole bottom and put newpaper in the shoes so none of the paint gets inside or on the bottom

 Spray paint them yellow, I use spary paint for wood and metal but didn't realize you can't use it on leather because all the paint will just cracked off so, use leather spary paint or just regular paint.

I did 3 coats and a thick coat of clear spary paint and it still cracked off. But I still wore them because it made the outfit.

To the make the bows for the shoes its the same as how I made it for the ears but the cutting measurements are smaller. Cut one red ribbon six inches and the other one two inches.

Then just hot glue them on the shoes when the paint is dry

5) Add some fake eyelashes and a black round nose

Put it all together and your Minnie Mouse!

I would love to know what you are being for Halloween
Comment below
Hope you enjoyed
-Kara <3

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